Women in Harmony is a chorus of women’s voices, singing for unity among women and advocating social, political and economic equality for all women, past, present and future.

Statement of Purpose:

Recognizing the power of music to bring people together, we will work to build bridges among women through singing, striving for unity among all women, regardless of sexual orientation, race, class, economic background, or ethnicity.

Through music, we honor and celebrate those who have worked throughout history for the rights women enjoy today. We support those who continue to strive for political, social and economic equality on behalf of all women. We advocate peace, freedom and justice for all.

We provide learning opportunities for women of widely varying levels of musical experience, encouraging all members to expand their skills and grow musically within a supportive environment. We are dedicated to musical excellence and work hard to accommodate different learning styles to reach our musical goals.

We recognize that we have a role in the community, not only to provide women of diverse backgrounds the opportunity for creative expression and growth through music, but also to make choral music accessible to the community at large. We will work to enhance the community’s awareness, appreciation and understanding of choral music, in particular bringing the work of women composers and musicians to the public.