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Women in Harmony – Voice Upon the Mountain (2011)
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$15 each plus shipping

Songs on A Voice Upon the Mountain:

  1. Change of Heart (Sample a part now)
  2. Wood River
  3. Marie
  4. Igraj Kolce
  5. Drag Lines
  6. Perfect Night
  7. Wanting Memories
  8. Weep No More
  9. How Can I Keep from Singing
  10. Power and Glory
  11. The Lake Isle of Innisfree
  12. Song for Peace
  13. Hymn to the Muse
  14. A Thousand Grandmothers
  15. Bound for Freedom
  16. Big Dogs, Music, and Wild, Wild Women
  17. How Do I Love Thee?

Women in Harmony – At Ten (2004)
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$12.00 each plus shipping

Songs on Women In Harmony at Ten:

  1. Music in My Mother’s House (Sample a part now)
  2. Shir Lashalom
  3. I Will Be Earth
  4. Everything Possible
  5. Fifty-nine Cents
  6. Work Song
  7. Caffeine Blues
  8. Annie Laurie
  9. The Sprig of Thyme
  10. Mae Frances
  11. Water Women
  12. Hay Una Mujer
  13. Swing Low
  14. Heaven Bound Train

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