Our Mission:

Women in Harmony is an affirming and inclusive community of women who sing for social justice and the joy of making music together.

Our Vision:

A world where every voice is equal and valued

Our Values:


Recognizing the power of music to bring people together, we work to build bridges of understanding, striving for unity among all people, regardless of age, sexual orientation, race, sex, gender identity/expression, disability, economic background, color, ethnicity, or national origin.
We seek to make an impact on our community through musical experiences.
We seek to change hearts and minds to make a better world.
We seek to create a community where we support one another in performance and in life.

Musical Excellence

We are passionate about musical excellence.
We recognize that musical excellence is a key component to the effective communication of our message.
We provide learning opportunities for women of widely varying musical experience, encouraging all members to expand their skills and grow musically within a supportive environment.

Social Justice

We envision a sustainable earth and peaceful society in which the distribution of resources is equitable, all people and groups can participate fully and equally, and all members of society feel physically and psychologically safe and secure.
We support human rights and the end of oppression.
Through our singing, we hope to inspire ourselves and our audiences and ignite dialogue that continues after the last notes are sung.


We recognize that the empowerment of women contributes to the elevation of all people.
We advocate women’s political, social, and economic equality as a human right.
We actively promote the work of women composers and performers.
We support members who are lesbian, bisexual, queer identified, heterosexual, or asexual, and we are committed to fostering an environment that supports trans and gender non-conforming people.