Reviews & Comments

“These women do more than just sing, although their vocal skill and polish is undeniable….What makes them special is the emotion they bring to their performance….If there is a minus side in Women in Harmony, it’s that two concerts a year aren’t enough.”

– Cathy Nelson-Price, Portsmouth Press Herald

“…under it’s new conductor, Catherine Beller-McKenna, it [Women in Harmony] has reached an unaccustomed level of excellence.” “The piano accompaniment by Deana Ingraham should serve as a model for other groups.”

– Christopher Hyde, Portland Press Herald

“From beginning to end, there was a consistency of blend and ensemble singing that I have rarely enjoyed in a live venue. And, almost to a woman, the singers are entertainers as well. Each was engaged with the music on a personal level and having a darn good time singing.” “Their tone was focused and their dynamics sure….The purity of voice production and ensemble singing, and the earnestness of these women in expressing the message of the music were breathtaking.”

– Peter Allen, Face Magazine