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Women in Harmony is a non-profit sixty-voice women’s chorus, based in Portland, Maine. Each year, the group performs four major public concerts and in addition, smaller concerts for special events. Founded in 1993, Women in Harmony’s mission is to sing for unity among women and to advocate for social, political, and economic equality. The group is not only dedicated to musical excellence but also gives voice to issues of social justice. This unique intersection of music and thoughtful social action makes Women in Harmony one of the most unusual singing groups in the northeast.

In making choral music accessible, in particular the work of women composers and musicians, Women in Harmony builds bridges among women, honoring and celebrating those who have worked throughout history for the rights women enjoy today. The group has enjoyed partnerships with a number of non-profits in the community. The May 2005 concert was presented in collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Association of Maine to honor a member of the chorus who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. In the fall of 2005, the group performed a special pre-election concert in collaboration with Maine Won’t Discriminate. Other projects have included connections with Peace Action Maine, Working Women, the Rainbow Business Professionals Association, and the Maine Women’s Fund.

Women in Harmony’s operating budget is relatively modest and has remained so because of time and energy committed to projects by its members. Outside of singing, committee members work hard and contribute many hours; the Board of Directors is equally dedicated. This means that every donation goes a long way. Because of good leadership and a particularly fortuitous combination of members, Women in Harmony has grown over the years to the mature organization it is today, an organization that practices thoughtful decision-making and equality between its leadership and members.

The production of our concerts is an expensive undertaking.  Our expenses include sheet music, rehearsal and performance space, professional musical assistance, marketing costs and scholarships.  To offset these expenditures, we hold fundraisers, solicit donations, require membership dues, and rely heavily on volunteer efforts by our members.